The City of Mondovi

Location: Mondovi, Wisconsin

The City of Mondovi, Wisconsin is building a new 0.3 MGD wastewater treatment facility that will feature ABNR as the main nutrient recovery solution. The project is required to meet the City's upcoming total phosphorus discharge limit of 0.05 mg/L into Harvey Creek. ABNR will be constructed to handle an incoming total phosphorus concentration of 2.0 mg/L and generate approximately 350 pounds of dry algae biomaterial per day. The engineering firm CBS Squared, in collaboration with ISG, designed the state-of-the-art wastewater recovery facility.

Check back on this page to see progress at Mondovi or visit the Village of Roberts project page to see ABNR at full-scale.

Project Status

Current Stage & Progression

12.01.20 - Major Supplier Procurement Underway

MONDOVI, WI -- The City of Mondovi, CBS Squared and CLEARAS recently announced, and proceeded, with the purchase of major equipment and supplies from the following partners : KOCH Membrane Systems and GEA Westfalia.

10.26.20 - Executed ABNR™ Supply Agreement

MONDOVI, WI -- CLEARAS is proud to announce that it has been awarded an ABNR™ equipment supply contract by the City of Mondovi located in Buffalo County, WI. The project is expected to begin construction in the Spring of 2021 and become operational in the Summer of 2022.

03.24.20 - ABNR™ Pre-Selected as Nutrient Recovery Solution for Mondovi

MONDOVI, WI -- CLEARAS received notice that it has been pre-selected to supply its ABNR™ solution to recovery phosphorus and nitrogen at new wastewater treatment plant to be constructed in 2021/2020.

02.18.20 - ABNR™ Cold Weather Pilot Study Successful

MONDOVI, WI -- CLEARAS successfully completed a pilot study to confirm phosphorus recovery performance under cold weather conditions, with and without industrial contributors. Influent water temperatures ranged from 36.9 - 47.8 Fahrenheit during the study. The cold water and chilly ambient air temperatures did not impact ABNR™'s ability to achieve ultra-low level phosphorus results of 0.04 mg/L or less.

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