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The Village of Roberts

Location: Roberts, Wisconsin

The Village of Roberts is implementing a 0.15 MGD ABNR system to address the facility's upcoming total phosphorus discharge limit of <0.04 mg/L into Twin Lakes. ABNR will be sized to handle incoming phosphorus concentrations up to 4.0 mg/L and generate approximately 400 pounds of algae bio-material each day. In addition to phosphorus recovery, ABNR will address the facility's long-term goals related to future, anticipated nitrogen discharge limits.

Project Status

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PBR Installation

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PBR Installation

PBR Installation

Equipment Installation

06.15.20 - Final Stages of Construction

ROBERTS, WI -- The ABNR™ facility is in its final stretch of construction with the process building and greenhouse enclosures complete. The photobioreactor installation is nearing completion and final electrical tie-in will be finished in the coming weeks. Soon thereafter the ABNR™ system will be hydrotested and inoculated with algae to begin the commissioning process. The facility is on schedule to be operational this summer (2020).

03.15.20 - Slab On Grade and Process Building Nearing Completion

ROBERTS, WI -- Progress continues at the Village of Roberts, WI on the integration of ABNR™ which is expected to commission early Summer 2020. The process building will house pumps, separation and dewatering equipment, and a motor control center. The slab on grade has been prepared for the construction of a greenhouse that will house 5 photobioreactors capable of sustainably removing phosphorus and nitrogen to best-in-class levels.

10.15.19 - First to Test Groundbreaking Technology

ROBERTS, WI -- All eyes will be on the Village of Roberts as they become the first municipality in the country to implement revolutionary new technology in an effort to clean water of phosphorus. Roberts is one of the first Wisconsin municipalities that must conform to the new stringent phosphorus standard of less than 0.04 mg/L imposed by the Department of Natural Resources. According to... Read more...

10.09.19 - Press Release of Official Groundbreaking

ST. CROIX COUNTY, WI -- The Village of Roberts wastewater treatment facility hosted its groundbreaking event for the upcoming integration of CLEARAS Water Recovery's Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR™) System. Roberts is implementing a 0.15 million gallon per day ABNR™ system to address the facility's upcoming total phosphorus discharge limit of <0.04 mg/L into Twin Lakes. Read more...

10.07.19 - Official Groundbreaking

Today marked the official project groundbreaking. In spite of unexpected weather delays, all parties involved were excited to put the gold shovels to use on what turned out to be a beautiful day in Roberts, Wisconsin. The Village of Roberts' board were present, in addition to CLEARAS and Mulcahy Shaw Water, for the ceremony.

11.12.18 - Executed ABNR Supply Agreement

CLEARAS is proud to announce that it has been awarded an equipment supply contract by The Village of Roberts, Wisconsin, located in St. Croix County. CLEARAS will supply a 0.15 million gallon per day ABNR™ system to align with the facility's goal to address short and long-term multi-constituent regulation such as phosphorus and nitrogen limits in the region.

09.30.16 - ABNR Technology Piloted

CLEARAS began a week-long pilot study using ABNR™ technology at the Village of Roberts' wastewater treatment facility using its mobile demonstration platform. This pilot operated through October 7th and yielded excellent nutrient recovery results.

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PBR Installation May 13, 2020